What does Clipperz do?

Clipperz is revolutionary notary service that registers your works on the Bitcoin blockchain and produces certificates to prove:

  • ownership (you are the author)
  • existence (the work existed at a certain date)
  • integrity (the work has not been tampered with)

Clipperz is also a well-known and reputable encrypted online vault and password manager where you can store confidential data without worrying about security.

Who should use Clipperz?

Anyone producing original content and innovative intellectual properties in art, business or science should consider using Clipperz to protect and empower his/her creations.

How is Clipperz different from other Blockchain-based timestamping and notarization services?

  1. Confidentiality
    Your works are never revealed to Clipperz or any other third party. This is the magic of Clipperz zero-knowledge architecture and its extensive use of cryptography. All the data and documents you submit are encrypted locally in your browser using a key, derived from your passphrase, that is never transmitted to the server.
  2. Identity management
    Clipperz does not simply create an immutable record of your works on the Bitcoin blockchain, it also links each of them to your identity since it implements and integrates the BlockchainID protocol.
  3. Decentralization
    Clipperz does not play any role in the registration process of your works on the blockchain. It just makes things very easy and convenient for you. Your certificates can be verified by everyone and the verification process is not linked to on any information stored centrally by Clipperz (private Merckle trees, identity metadata, …). It means they are future-proof and independent by any third party.
  4. Versatility
    The overall design of Clipperz makes it the right tool for many different use cases in multiple industries.

What are authentic digital copies?

The blockchain, being a universal public registry, is capable to reintroduce scarcity into the digital realm. This makes possible for Clipperz users to create a predefined amount of “authentic digital copies” of each of their works. This is especially useful for artifacts like photos, illustrations, …

What I can prove by registering one of my works with Clipperz?

Registering a work on Clipperz generates a strong, immutable evidence that you were in possession of that work at a particular point in time. This is very useful if there is a dispute over authorship.
Compared to other methods (sending the work to yourself via email, printing or burning the work to a CD/DVD and then mailing it to yourself, deposit the work with a public notary, …) it’s way more effective and convenient.

Are Clipperz certificates valid worldwide?

Sure! The Bitcoin blockchain network is spread all around the world. Therefore the content and authenticity of a certificate can be assessed anywhere, without relying on Clipperz infrastructure or Clipperz data. You can use your certificate with any national jurisdiction to strengthen your claims. Moreover multiple international treaties provide a baseline framework for copyright law (e.g. Bern Convention).

How do you handle conflicts in authorship and ownership claims?

Clipperz allows anyone to register any work, without judging. If a dispute emerges, the parties will have to refer to the traditional legal system.

Why is Clipperz more expensive than other services?

Because we aimed to build a truly decentralized service that does not rely on data structure stored by Clipperz. Therefore we are not using Merkle trees to aggregate multiple registrations into a single Bitcoin transaction. Moreover, in order to manage identities on the blockchain, bind them to artifacts and have a very clear chain of ownership, multiple transactions may be required for generating each certificate.

I’ve registered a work. Who has access to it? It is now public? Who can see that I’ve registered it?

Registering your work on the blockchain using Clipperz does NOT make it public! When the registration process is completed, Clipperz will provide you with an HTML/PDF certificate and a link to the blockchain transaction related to your work. The certificate and the link will prove that you have registered a document with a specific digital fingerprint, but the document is not present on the blockchain and cannot be derived from the fingerprint. However, if you decide to share the actual work with a third party along with the certificate, they will be able to verify its authenticity. Please note that sharing the work with a third party does not equate to transfer ownership. But soon you will be able to transfer ownership right from Clipperz.