Blockchain notary

Please note: all users get 3 free blockchain certificates.
You will be soon able to buy more. Have fun!

Do you need to prove a document was in your possession at a certain date? Do you want to assert authorship of your artworks? Do you need an indisputable proof you were the first to invent something?

Use Clipperz to create an immutable record of any document and information on the Bitcoin blockchain. No Bitcoins required.

Clipperz will provide you with a certificate that proves ownership, existence and integrity. A certificate that is valid worldwide, guaranteed not by a central authority, but ruled by math!
Certificates authenticity can be verified using this web app provided by Clipperz, or independently following these instructions.

Sample of a Clipperz certificate

A notary service that knows nothing

You will be able to notarize inventions, contracts, artworks, business idea, … (practically anything) while keeping them completely private. Even to Clipperz itself.

That’s the magic of Clipperz zero-knowledge architecture. The same cryptographic layer that made Clipperz a successful online password manager that never suffered a security breach in almost ten years.

How does it work?

The Bitcoin blockchain is the universal registry humanity has been waiting for! You can think of the blockchain as a book with some unique features:

  • everyone can get a copy of it,
  • everyone can write on it,
  • nobody is allowed to make changes or delete anything.

This “book” only stores transactions, that is information about bitcoins moving from one account (wallet) to another. To notarize your information Clipperz crafts a special transaction that includes a cryptographic fingerprint of the information itself. Of course this doesn’t make the information public since there is no way to derive it from the fingerprint.

The Clipperz Registration Protocol is quite complex since it is designed to support more than just the creation of an immutable record on the blockchain. More specifically the Clipperz protocol allows you to create limited editions of your digital assets and also transfer rights to third parties.

The blockchain will revolutionize the way we manage copyright and intellectual property rights!

How to generate a certificate

Step 1

First of all you need to create a card that contains all the information and files you want to notarize. This card could include, for example, all relevant information of a new product. Both textual information (name of the product, of the inventors, date of the current version, …) and files (blueprints, manuals, CAD files, …)

Sample of a Clipperz card

Step 2

Carefully review the content of the card, save it and then click the “register” button. Please note:

  • The card content will be frozen and you won’t be able to make any further change.
  • It takes about one hour and sometimes more to generate a certificate.

Clipperz card details of register button

Step 3

Now you just need to wait for the transaction being pushed to the Bitcoin network and the certificate to get 6 confirmations.

Clipperz card after registration

Step 4

Once the certificate has been validated, you will be able to preview and download it. Also note that the only actions you can perform on a card that has been registered on the blockchain are:

  • clone: useful if you need to revise the content of the card and get a new certificate for the updated content
  • archive: to remove the card from the main view
  • delete: it removes the card from your account, but the Bitcoin transaction created to notarize its content will of course remain forever on the blockchain