File encryption

If you own stuff you don’t feel comfortable to keep on your computer or phone, then encryption is the only answer. No matter if its a financial document, a private photo or the sequel to Mary Poppins you just wrote.

Clipperz is the easiest way to encrypt any file without worrying of generating encryption keys or where to store the actual encrypted file. It’s as easy as uploading a file. That’s it.

How to encrypt files with Clipperz

Let’s assume you’d like to have a scanned copy of you passport always available. Keeping that copy on your laptop or smartphone it’s not very smart and also not very convenient. So here is how Clipperz can help you.

  1. Create a new card for your passport. Just call it “My passport” or anything meaningful, then add some data (Passport number, release and expiry date, …).
  2. In “Edit” mode scroll to the bottom of the card and attach the file containing the scanned copy of the passport.
  3. Click “Save”.

Now the the encrypted version of your file is safely stored on Clipperz servers and you can just delete the original unencrypted file from your computer. Wherever your travel will bring you, you will be always able to access a copy of your passport from any Internet enabled device without sharing it with any third party thanks to Clipperz zero-knowledge architecture.

clipperz file encryption

Of course you may attach as many files as you like to any card. And there is no restriction on the kind of file you may encrypt. There is just a file size limit currently set to 50MB. This limit will be soon increased to 500MB.

The file size limit is due to the fact that the file needs to be loaded into your browser memory and locally processed before storing the encrypted version of the file on Clipperz servers. But you will be amazed by how fast is Clipperz encryption.

However large files may take time to be uploaded, depending on how fast is your Internet connection. Therefore all the upload/download activities are conveniently showed by clicking on the up/down arrow at the top-right corner of the screen.

clipperz file attachments