Password manager

Clipperz is also as an online vault where you can store confidential data without worrying about security. It can be used to save and manage passwords, private notes, burglar alarm codes, credit card details, PINs, software keys, …

Since passwords are the most common type of private information that you need to protect, we have added a great deal of functionality to make Clipperz a great online password manager thus solving the “password fatigue” problem. Here are some of its many features:

Offline copy

Once you start using Clipperz to protect your passwords and sensitive data, being offline could give you a sense of uneasiness, a weird feeling of being disconnected by your most precious bits of information. This is why we included the offline copy feature. It means you can dump the whole content of your account to a local hard disk or USB drive and create a read-only portable version of Clipperz to be used when no Internet connection is available.

Your offline copy is just a single HTML file that contains both the whole Clipperz web application and your encrypted data. It is as secure as the read-and-write one and will not expose your data to higher risks since they both share the same code and security architecture. Of course you cannot add new cards or modify/delete existing ones.
To download an offline copy:

  1. Select “Export” from the “Data” menu.
  2. Click the “download offline copy” button.
  3. The browser will download a file named YYYYMMDD_Clipperz_Offline.html.

offline copy

To access a previously saved offline copy, just open the downloaded HTML file in any browser and log in with your Clipperz credentials. The only visible difference is the banner informing you that you are using a read-only offline copy along with the date/time it was created.

offline Clipperz interface

The inner structure

If you are a curious type, you can take a look at the source of the downloaded html file. Open it with a good text editor and look for the string <script>_clipperz_dump_data_.

Starting from that row you’ll find the raw data that you have been storing to and reading from Clipperz servers. Quite scrambled, isn’t it? The only way to make sense of it is knowing your username and passphrase!

One-time passphrases

One-time passwords (OTPs) are an excellent choice to prevent attacks from keyloggers and spyware. It’s strongly advisable to use one-time password when accessing Clipperz from public terminals, such as those that may usually found in Internet cafes and libraries.

What is a one-time password?

A one-time password works like a regular Clipperz passphrase, but it can be used only once. If the same OTP is used again at a later stage in a login attempt, it will be rejected and the login process will fail. Each one-time password is 32 character long and it guarantees at least 128 bits of entropy.

How do I create and print one-time password?

Go to Account > One-Time Passwords and click on the “+” button to add a new OTP. You can create as many as you need.

One-time passwords

The available OTPs are listed in a table along with those already used. Clicking on the “Print” button opens a new browser window displaying the printable version of unused OTPs.

You may also assign a label to each OTP. It could be useful to remember where you stored it, the person you gave it, the assigned purpose, etc.

How do I login with a one-time password?

Just enter your username and the one-time password instead of your usual passphrase. Clipperz will automatically detect you’ve entered an OTP and will try to validate it.

Please note: for increased convenience the OTP is case and space insensitive. Furthermore the validation process is smart enough to not get confused by the most common typing errors (e.g.: “0” for “O”, “1” for “l”, …).

Password generator

Humans are not very good at creating randomness, we are just don’t wired to be good at this. That’s why a strong password generator is very important. Clipperz has a built-in password generator you can access with a simple click on the “key” icon next to every “locked” field.

Clipperz password generator - simple

The length of the generated password and the set of characters are defined in Account > Preferences, but you can change it on the fly by clicking the “gear” icon. Clipperz password generator - advanced

Import and export


It’s your data! There is no vendor lock-in with Clipperz: you can freely move your data in and out of Clipperz.

Since there is no standard format we opted for a simple HTML file that also cointains your data in JSON, a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable and is commonly used for representing data structures. Moreover it allows a “lossless” export of your cards.

Exporting to HTML+JSON is quite convenient if you need to move some or all of your cards to a different Clipperz account. Or if you want to restore a card that has been accidentally deleted. This HTML file is also printer-friendly and it allows you to quickly print a nicely formatted list of all your cards. Just visit the Data > Export section of your Clipperz account.

Clipperz export

Security warning - Data exported from Clipperz are not encrypted. If you are going to export/print the content of your account for backup purposes, please consider the safer options provided by the creating an offline copy. The JSON-HTML file has your data in clear! Make sure to store it in a safe and private place.


Many password managers and general purpose databases allow exporting to a CSV file (among them: Keepass, Lastpass, 1password, Passpack, PasswordPlus, …). Clipperz makes it easy to import those CSV files into your Clipperz account. And, of course, you can also import a HTML+JSON file exported from Clipperz itself.

  1. Go to Data > Import.
  2. Drag and drop or select the CSV or JSON+HTML file from your computer.
  3. Click “next” and follow the instructions.

Please note that the unencrypted CSV file will never leave your computer. All the import process takes place right in your browser.

Clipperz import

Device PIN

Typing long and complex passwords on a smartphone is a real pain. That’s the reason you may enable a 5-digit PIN to access your Clipperz account. Just visit ` Account > Device Pin` to set a PIN. Please note that the PIN is specific to the device you are using when creating it. If you are using Clipperz from multiple devices, no matter if mobile or desktop, you need to create a PIN on each device.

Security warning - Enabling a PIN on your device may represent a security risk! Make sure to keep the device with you at all times!

Clipperz PIN