How to protect your digital creations from thieves

This is the 3 step solution we’ll release soon:

1) Create a Clipperz Account (no mail required, just choose user and password)

2) Upload your files on Clipperz (with browser encryption you can preserve confidentiality: no one will see them, neither Clipperz staff )

3) Generate a Ownership Certificate (it will be registered on the Bitcoin Blockchain, the digital equivalent of carving rocks)

Carved Rocks - credits: Wikipedia

In this way you get:

  • A proof of existence of your file in the date you upload it
  • An ownership certificate valid across 160 countries in the world as support for legal disputes
  • The guarantee to keep your files safe in the cloud in an encrypted vault
  • The chance to generate limited digital editions of your creations
  • In the future an optional public page linked to your item where you can sell it or transfer the ownership

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