Subscriptions FAQ

So Clipperz is now a paid service, right?

Yes. As many other online services, Clipperz now offers both a free service and a selection of monthly and yearly subscription plans. You can also choose a very convenient lifetime plan.

Can I pay with bitcoins?

Sure! It’s actually our preferred payment method. Bitcoin transactions are similar to cash payments, therefore by paying with bitcoins, and taking the proper measures, you are not going to reveal your identity to Clipperz.

Where can I get some bitcoins?

First of all you need a wallet to store your bitcoins and to pay others. There are many software and web wallets you can choose from. Once you have your wallet, you are ready to purchase bitcoins. Here is neat guide from CoinDesk. Look for those services that are available for your country/currency and offer a payment method that suits you (SEPA bank transfer, cash deposit, …).

I don’t know much about Bitcoin. What I should read first?

Plenty of good documentation already exists at several places, among them:

Cool! Are there other reasons to embrace Bitcoin?

The most important is that while anyone can sign up for the free trial period, not everyone could purchase the paid plan because of limits on traditional payment networks.
PayPal alone blocks access from over 60 countries, and many credit card companies have similar restrictions. Some are blocked for political reasons, some because of higher fraud rates, and some for other financial reasons. Whatever the reason, we don’t think an individual from Haiti, Pakistan or Ghana should have diminished access to encryption because of payment issues they can’t control. Our goal is to enable and empower people, not block them.
Unlike credit cards and PayPal, Bitcoin has no central authority and no way to lock individuals or entire countries out of the network. Merchants who accept Bitcoin payments can do business with anyone.
(Thanks to Wordpress for leading the way!)

With Bitcoin you are joining a new digital economy that doesn’t leave anyone behind, essentially making financial transactions open source.