The coming of age of Clipperz

March 28, 2007

Many things happened in the last two weeks! You have probably seen many small and big changes at Clipperz website. As a result is no longer just a blog, but the home of a new online password manager. So, it’s time for a brief recap.

clipperz password manager

In 2005 we started the Clipperz project to make the Internet the most convenient and safe place to store and share private and sensitive data. Weird idea, isn’t it?

A password manager it’s just a first (important) step in that direction.

With Clipperz we introduced a new paradigm: the zero-knowledge web application. A breed of web apps where the provider is simply in charge of delivering the Ajax application to the user’s browser and then storing user’s data in an encrypted form on its servers.

This paradigm could be used for a wide range of applications: a personal finance manager, a confidential to-do list, electronic health records, ….

So be ready for many more ideas and projects from Giulio and me!