If you enjoy using Clipperz, its openness and its view of cryptography as a powerful tool for liberty, then you may consider making a donation.

Bitcoin Lightning Network

We have briefly toyed with the idea of using Bitcoin payments for this purpose, but even if technically feasible (especially with the adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Network), it would have both drastically shrinked the number of users who could comfortably make such a payments, and made our applications more complex just to manage such payments.

Free to use

So we have decided to keep the application free for everybody, still retaining the right to kindly nudge our users to make a donation, from time to time.

Making a donation 🤑

We are still experimenting how to collect donations; at the moment we have configured the following services, that should accomodate most payment tools.

  • Ko-fi
  • PayRequest
  • PayPal

Let us know if there are other ways you would like to use to support us 🥰.