Function Status
Password Manager
Clipperz is a convenient online vault where you can store passwords and confidential data without worrying about security. Learn more
File encryption
Encrypt files right in your browser and store them on Clipperz server. No software required, just your browser. Learn more
Blockchain notary
Register any document or information on the blockchain to prove it existed at a certain date in time. Get a “proof of existence” anyone can independently verify. Learn more
Identity assertions on the blockchain
Prove your identity by asserting facts about yourself and storing them on the blockchain. A personal record everyone can verify but only you can create and modify.
Certificates of ownership
Get a certificate for your digital artifacts so that everybody can verify you are the legitimate author and/or owner.
Authentic limited digital editions
Create any number of authentic copies of your digital works. Digital limited editions make it possible to own and transfer digital objects as if they were physical objects.
Item sales and rights transfers
Directly sell and transfer ownership of your works to your clients. Each of your work will be assigned a unique private URL where transactions can be quickly performed.

Clipperz knows nothing

Clipperz is a zero-knowledge web app (or host-proof web app) that encrypts and decrypts your data inside the browser. The keys for all encryption processes are derived from a passphrase that never gets sent to the server. Moreover Clipperz doesn’t ask for any personal information, not even your email. Clipperz gladly accepts Bitcoin so that you may stay anonymous even when purchasing your paid plan.
Learn more about Clipperz security and privacy

Clipperz is open source

Clipperz code is open source since we want to enable as many people as possible to play with it. So that our users can fully trust Clipperz. The code, not its developers.
Learn more about Clipperz open source projects

Clipperz interface

Clipperz is just a web app! Nothing to install, nothing to upgrade or maintain. You can protect and access your most precious data from any Internet enabled device. And it works beautifully on your smartphone.