Clipperz wants to help individuals and companies to protect their works. Today everything is easy to forge and copy. Both in the digital and physical realm.

Luckily the Bitcoin blockchain brought humanity the perfect universal registry, a database available to everyone, where everyone can write, but nobody is allowed to make changes.

Clipperz makes it easy to register artifacts and intellectual properties on the blockchain, hiding all technical complexities and preserving confidentiality of user data thanks to its unique zero-knowledge architecture.

Blockchain and web cryptography

Bitcoin solved the issue of moving money without intermediaries, but Bitcoin is much more than just a currency. The underlying, distributed ledger called the blockchain, has the potential to become a global distributed notary service capable to create and store auditable trails for many human activities and transactions.

Clipperz combines this potential with the confidentiality provided by encryption in the browser to allow users to notarize data and documents while keeping them completely private. A one-stop shop covering a wide range of privacy and security needs.

Confidentiality is innately present in most human activities. Web applications are convenient, but they shouldn’t force users to give up their fundamental right to privacy.

Browsers can effectively (and already are) bringing cryptography to the masses. A proper use of web cryptography could allow developers to build web applications that users can wholeheartedly adopt to manage their private data.


We decided to test the zero-knowledge paradigm on a very common and critical problem: managing and storing passwords! In 2006 we started evangelizing the crazy idea of considering what is now called “the cloud” as the safest place for storing personal information.
Clipperz online password manager was launched on April 2007. It attracted a loyal group of users that still support the service with their donations.

Our vision

The browser is the most ubiquitous and standard computing platform ever existed. And we believe that web cryptography and the blockchain could revolutionize the whole online ecosystem.

The still open security issues of running crypto algorithms in the browser (mostly related to code delivery) are more an opportunity than a risk. And the future looks bright: all browser manufacturers are adding crypto capabilities and the W3C working group on web cryptography is steadily making progress.

In a recent interview, Brendan Eich, the father of the Javascript language, said something about the web stack that perfectly describe our feelings about the much needed “web security stack” we want to help building.

“We realize that the web stack is never perfect, but it always catches up, and it has the broadest reach.”
(VentureBeat, Sep. 7th 2012)

That approach, combined with building standards, moved the web far along during the last years and we hope it will continue and it will expand to include browser cryptography as well. Also because when we talk security the “broadest reach” is actually a crucial factor!

Clipperz is a project by Giulio Cesare Solaroli and Marco Barulli.
Clipperz Srl was established as an Italian resident limited liability company in November 2005.