Enter a future where you actually own what you make!

Where you can share your works knowing that authorship and copyright are secured. And where selling a digital product is as easy and secure as selling a physical one.

Register your creations on the blockchain.

Get a legally valid proof of existence, integrity and ownership for your works. Get copyright protection. Create authentic limited digital editions.

Keep it private! Keep it to yourself!

Notarize your original content and intellectual properties without sharing them with any third party! Not even Clipperz.

=> No Bitcoins required. <=

Sharing designs and prototypes with suppliers?

Sharing intellectual property with partners may pose serious threats to your business. By registering on the blockchain you will make this process fully auditable, worldwide.
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Wrote a great sequel to Mary Poppins? Agency pitch to get a new client?

Before sharing your script with others, you better create a public record to claim authorship.
Is mailing a paper copy to yourself the best you can do? Not really.

A lot of original content and designs will be shared before and during the meeting with the new potential customer.
Be wise, take some precautions.
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