Clipperz Password Manager

Why an open source version of Clipperz?

Because we want to enable as many people as possible to play with the very same code that is powering Clipperz online service. The goal is building trust. Trust in the code, not in its developers!

So we released the frontend code under an open source license. That was not enough. In order to allow anyone not just to inspect the code running in the user browser, but also to analyze the traffic it generates between the client (the user’s browser) and the Clipperz server, we also made available several backends that are easy to deploy.
You can choose among the available backends (PHP/MySQL, Python/AppEngine, …) or contribute your own.
Whatever is your motivation for playing with Clipperz code, we would love to hear from you: get in contact!

Security warning

The open source version of Clipperz is suitable for testing and educational purposes only.

As an example, the current PHP backend lacks several critical capabilities such as bot protection and concurrent sessions management, moreover it could be vulnerable to serious threats (SQL injections, remote code execution, …).

Please note: the actual Clipperz service use a far more robust backend, but the communication protocol between backend and frontend is of course identical.


All the code included in this open source project, if not otherwise stated, is released with the AGPL v3 license and all rights are reserved to Clipperz Srl. For any use not allowed by the AGPL license, please contact us to inquire about licensing options for commercial applications.

Get the code

The full repository of Clipperz Password Manager, along with instructions for building and installing, is available from GitHub.