Clipperz Contributor Agreement

Your contributions to Clipperz open source projects are very welcome! In order to avoid jeopardizing the ownership of the code base, we will require every developer to sign the Clipperz Contributor Agreement.

This enables a single entity, Clipperz Srl, to represent the aggregated code base and gives the community the flexibility to act as a whole to changing situations.

The CA establishes a joint copyright assignment in which the contributor retains copyright ownership while also granting those rights to Clipperz Srl. With the CA in place, the aggregated code base within any Clipperz open source project is protected by both the distribution license and copyright law.

Please download and review the Contributor Agreement for a complete understanding of its terms and conditions. You may send your signed and completed CA to Clipperz by scanning your completed form and emailing the image to or by fax to +39 0541 963710. Please retain a copy for your records. Thanks!

Currently all Clipperz open source projects are hosted at GitHub, so if possible enter your GitHub username in the CA.

Download Clipperz Contributor Agreement