/epsilon updates: Device Sync

June 03, 2024

Two months ago we announced the public preview of the brand new version of our password manager, version /epsilon.

Today we are very excited to share with you the first of the new features that we have been working on since then: Device Sync.

Device Sync

Device Sync is a device feature; this means it’s not part of your account settings, but it’s something you can enable or disable on a per-device basis, just like Device PIN.

Device Sync

Once enabled, the application will start copying data on the browser Local Storage.

Synchronizing data

Once the synchronization is complete, you will access all your data even when completely offline.

Device Sync enabled

Editing data will currently work only while online; we have more plan to improve this condition too, but this is the best we could do at the moment.

edit disabled while offline

Once the “Device Sync” option is enabled, the application will automatically try to keep all your data locally synchronized; a thin bar will provide a feedback on the actual status of the syncronization, in case some data could not be syncronized.

Sync monitor

Next steps

We are still hard at work to get confident and fully release /epsilon for general usage, but we want to get some more time to throughly test it before we do so.

But when the new application architecture provides opportunities to add long missed features almost effortlessy, we are going to catch them all. And these new features will also allow us to stress test the new architecture even further.

As usual, we are eager to hear what you think about this new version.