Offline copy

Once you start using Clipperz to protect your passwords and sensitive data, being offline could give you a sense of uneasiness, a weird feeling of being disconnected by your most precious bits of information. This is why we included the offline copy feature from the very first release.

It means you can dump the whole content of your account to a local hard disk or USB drive and create a read-only portable version of Clipperz to be used when no Internet connection is available.

Your offline copy is just a single HTML file that contains both the whole Clipperz web application and your encrypted data. It is as secure as the read-and-write one and will not expose your data to higher risks since they both share the same code and security architecture. Of course you cannot add new cards or modify/delete existing ones.

To download an offline copy, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Export” from the “Data” menu.
  2. Click the “download offline copy” button.
  3. The browser will download a file named YYYYMMDD_Clipperz_Offline.html.

offline copy

To access a previously saved offline copy, just open the downloaded HTML file in any browser and log in with your Clipperz credentials. The only visible difference is the banner informing you that you are using a read-only offline copy along with the date/time it was created.

offline Clipperz interface

Please note: using your offline copy shouldn’t be confused with launching Clipperz from a local file that allows you to run local code while reading/writing your encrypted data from/to the Clipperz server.

The inner structure

If you are a curious type, you can take a look at the source of the downloaded html file. Open it with a good text editor and look for the string <script>_clipperz_dump_data_.

Starting from that row is the very raw data that you have been storing to and reading from Clipperz servers. Quite scrambled, isn’t it? The only way to make sense of it is knowing your username and passphrase!