Run Clipperz from a local file

It’s highly recommended that you review Clipperz source code before logging in. However this is not very convenient, to say the least … Luckily you can avoid downloading a fresh copy of Clipperz code every time: just launch Clipperz using the source code stored in a local file. It’s extremely easy and effective!

Being a single page web app, the whole Clipperz application is retrieved with a single page load. Even better all Clipperz code is contained into a single html file. Therefore you can create a local version of the Clipperz application in two easy steps:

  1. download the html file from the Clipperz server;
  2. apply a small change to replace the path for sending requests to the server from relative to absolute.

You can complete both steps with jus a single command from the terminal window:

 curl 2>/dev/null | sed 's/\.\.\/json/https\:\/\/www\.clipperz\.com\/json/g' > clipperz.html

This will create a clipperz.html file on you computer. Open it every time you need to access your encrypted data on Clipperz. You will run local code while reading/writing encrypted data from/to the Clipperz server. If a new version of Clipperz is available, you’ll get a notification right before you sign in. (coming soon)

Warning: as of today, unfortunately, it works only with the Safari browser. However we hope to have soon practical solutions for Chrome and Firefox too.

Please note: launching Clipperz from a local file shouldn’t be confused with using an offline copy. The offline copy contains both the whole Clipperz web application plus your encrypted data, it’s read-only and it comes handy when no Internet connection is available.