Looking for a job, looking for investors

July 25, 2008

Giulio and I are looking for a job. We have been working at Clipperz for almost 3 years, investing our own money, time and energy. We cannot afford it any longer.

But don’t worry for the future of your favorite password manager, since we will take into consideration only job proposals that leave us enough free time to keep the service running. We won’t stop its development and we will continue to provide support to the about 20,000 registered users. Moreover, there will always be the option to run the Clipperz Community Edition on your own server.

To date Clipperz is a success and a failure all at the same time.

A success because thousands of users love the service and because the underlying zero-knowledge architecture is enjoying a growing acceptance and has spurred a stimulating debate over privacy and freedom for web applications.

A failure because we were unable to tell investors a convincing and easy-to-grasp story and therefore they didn’t see the huge business opportunity arising from zero-knowledge web applications. The presentation below is our latest attempt to tell this story. Hopefully better than we did before.

Feel free to send in your suggestions and to forward the presentation to reputable and passionate investors that could find it interesting. And, as usual, donations are always welcome!