It's nice to be loved

September 11, 2011

This post is just to say thanks for the heartwarming response to Clipperz first fundraising campaign. We also have some good news for Clipperz open source projects.

Chart: Clipperz donors by country

During the last 3 months Clipperz received 5,200 USD from one-time donations. Even better, the cumulated recurring donations reached a new peak at 354 USD/month. I know these are small numbers and definitely not enough to allow Giulio and me to resume full time development and make a living out of Clipperz, but we are small-town guys from Italy and we get excited quite easily! :-)

Looking at data extracted from our Paypal account is fascinating: in its lifetime Clipperz received monetary support from 984 wonderful donors from 48 countries! And, again, I can’t thank you enough!

Good news for Clipperz open source projects

As you probably know, Clipperz is the sponsor of the following open source projects:

Fork Clipperz on GitHub

We are delighted to have gathered around these projects a small but spirited group of developers that are eagerly waiting to see their contributions pushed into the main trunk. We have good news for them: Clipperz open source projects are leaving the obnoxious Sourceforge and are now hosted on GitHub. The move will bring a more pleasant and effective ecosystem for playing, reviewing and improving the Clipperz code. And, of course, both projects retain the same AGPL v3 license.

The repository of the Community Edition will also include the new “gamma” version, not to mention multiple backends: PHP/MySQL, Python/AppEngine, …

So, go and fork Clipperz on GitHub! Or start a new host-proof web app leveraging Clipperz crypto foundations.

One more thing: if Clipperz is helping you to keep your passwords and your sensitive data to yourself, please consider making a donations today.