Clipperz financials 2013

April 07, 2014

All things considered, 2013 was a decent year for Clipperz. We didn’t expect any revenues from paid subscribers, but we wished to be able to launch the paid service by the end of the year. We missed that deadline on purpose, because we didn’t feel comfortable asking for (crypto) money until we can provide a good mobile experience. And designing a good interface takes time, especially when usability is intertwined with security.

Clipperz financials are trustworthy!

Luckily we could afford this delay and therefore Clipperz is still up and running as a completely free service. As previously stated, all existing users will automatically get a free lifetime subscription as soon as the paid plans will be activated, no matter if they signed up the day before or in 2007.

Financials for 2013 are on the same level of 2012, except for the (lack of) occasional consultancy gigs. Last year revenues were exclusively made of unsolicited donations (€5,483) from our generous users. These donations slightly declined after our announcement of going paid, and rightly so (€5,890 in 2012).

Operating costs increased because we eventually rented a proper space where we can write code and plan things. It’s tiny and, during the winter season, impossible to heat above 15 Celsius, but we just love it.

The fraudulent wire case is still open and I can’t yet say how much it will cost us, but in January we paid the first bill to our lawyers (€1.780,69).
I was summoned a few more times by police authorities at the beginning of the year, then the last two months were marked by an awkward silence, and I really don’t know what will come next.

To sum it up: very little money, a ton of troubles. Are we worried? Not at all! Clipperz is here for the long run. And we have already enough resources to keep the development going for the whole 2014, but don’t tell our wives! :)