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April 08, 2014

Resiliency is a quality Clipperz has committed itself since its inception. Just think of the offline copy, the open source code, the relocation to Iceland, the OTPs, … all these feats came from the desire of building an [online password manager][home] capable to resist difficulties or quickly recover from them. An ongoing endeavour that still has the highest priority. Especially now that someone is clearly aiming to stop it.


We recently changed the canonical top level domain for Clipperz from “.com” to “.is” because we wanted to make it harder for authorities to cancel Clipperz from DNS registries or simply seize its TLD (read this [Wired article][seize]). Iceland laws protect our domain, but given the centralized nature of the DNS system we thought we should add a bit more resiliency. Just in case.

So if one day your DNS server is no longer able to resolve, you can always reach it by pointing the browser to clipperz.bit.

“.bit” is a top-level domain served via the Namecoin blockchain, which acts as an alternative, decentralized domain name system.

One digital currency that you might not have heard of is Namecoin. It is based on exactly the same code as Bitcoin. In fact, the two currencies are almost identical. However, in the same way that Bitcoin is a decentralised currency that cannot be shut down; Namecoin is the basis for a decentralised domain name system (DNS), i.e. web URLs, which could put a stop to Internet censorship.
– source: [Coindesk][coindesk]

To view .bit websites you don’t necessarily need a local copy of the Namecoin blockchain, instead you can use a [supporting public DNS server][proxies], or a web browser plug-in. You can learn more about Dot-Bit and Namecoin at [][dot-bit]

clipperz.bit record on the blockchain is configured to support secure https access, but your ability to reach it over SSL may be affected by the method you choose to browse .bit domains since some proxies and DNS servers does not support SSL.

Please note that the actual [password management web app][home] is not yet configured on the .bit domain, just the Clipperz website. But it will soon.

A special thanks to [Zach Lym][zach] for donating the clipperz.bit domain and supporting us in setting it up.

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