New faster server

November 02, 2014

Starting from today, the main Clipperz server is located in Amsterdam. At the same time we are keeping a backup server in Reykjavík where data are mirrored.
Why this redundant setup? To get the best of both worlds: an hyperconnected data center on mainland Europe, combined with the protection offered by Icelandic legal system.

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If for any reason a EU/US government agency decides to shut down Clipperz and seize its EU-based server, we can easily and quickly switch to the server located in Iceland and continue operations without significant disruption or loss of data. If you are wondering why we do care about this kind of unlikely threats, here is a refresher.

The move will also solve the current performance issues. In the past months we experienced some serious outages and an overall degradation of the application responsiveness. Nothing unbearable, but we believe that security best practices, such as using a password manager, become an healthy daily routine only when they are convenient and effective. Speed is therefore an important factor of the security equation for Clipperz.

That’s all, enjoy the new, faster Clipperz!