A day with Venice University SecGroup

June 12, 2015

Yesterday, the Clipperz team was invited to give a seminar at the University of Venice by the nice folks of SecGroup, a team of security and crypto students led by prof. Riccardo Focardi.

Venice seminar

In the morning Giulio gave an overview of Clipperz architecture while trying to answer the more general question: “Is it possibile to build a web service that learns nothing about its users and their data?”.
We then discussed how such a service should be designed and which are the complexities of doing crypto in the browser. We also introduced the security benefits of single-page web apps and deterministic build processes.

After lunch we all sit in front of a whiteboard for a brainstorming session devoted to envision and sketch the ideal sharing protocol for Clipperz. It was awesome! Great questions, great suggestions and some bug caught. At the end we were all exhausted, but very excited for what we have achieved.

I’m sure this was just the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. Thanks!

Venice whiteboard