Please note: all users get 3 free blockchain certificates.
You will be soon able to buy more. Have fun!

Certificate packages

Free Small Medium Large
unlimited cards
100MB storage
3 certificates
unlimited cards
1GB storage
10 certificates
unlimited cards
1GB storage
50 certificates
unlimited cards
1GB storage
100 certificates
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Additional encrypted storage space

Small Medium Large
1GB storage 5GB storage 10GB storage
n.a. n.a. n.a.

Please note:

  • “unlimited cards” means you are able to store as many passwords, credit cards and textual information as you like
  • the storage space is computed as the sum of all the uploaded files, regardless of their registration on the blockchain

High volume pricing

Companies that needs to protect high volumes of documents, digital artifacts and intellectual property may contact us for special pricing plans.

Payment options

To purchase a paid plan, just login to your Clipperz account and go to Account > Subscriptions. You can choose among the following payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • credit card
  • wire transfer

Our preferred method is Bitcoin. Why? Because Clipperz wants to guarantee its users as much anonymity as possible. Bitcoin transactions are similar to cash payments, therefore by paying with bitcoins, and taking the proper measures, you are not going to reveal your identity to Clipperz.

If you need help, you can read our Subscriptions FAQ or contact us.