Upgrade to /epsilon

April 01, 2024

The new version of our application /epsilon uses a radically different arrangement of its data, and this prevented us to move all the encrypted data across automatically.

In order to move your data to the new application version, you’ll have to go through the following simple steps:

The full details on how to perfom these tasks are described here; import/export functionalities are implemented very similarly between the two different application version, so these instructions apply to both.

Beware of attachments!!

Attachments was a feature introduced with the /delta version of the application.

This feature was a late addition to the application, and the content of the attachments always required a special handling, both by the client and the server.

The main issue is that attachment information is not included in the export (neither in the offline copy, nor in the JSON export).

As the migration of the data between the two versions of the application relies on the export/import functionality, attachments will not be copied over.

How long will the old application be around?

At the moment we do not have any plan to sunset the old instance of the application; running it is pretty inexpensive, so we are going to keep it around for the forseable future.

Nonetheless, all our attentions will now be fully focused on improving the new version.