Clipperz first fundraising campaign

June 17, 2011

Clipperz announces its first fundraising campaign to support the development of its free, multilingual, open source online password manager.

clipperz donations campaign

We are sending out emails to the thousands of users that made contact with us during the last 5 years (see below). It’s actually a major new start for the project. If successful, Giulio and I could eventually devote more time and energy to Clipperz.

The first target is to complete the hosted “gamma” version and port it to the downloadable Community Edition. And, if we raise enough money, we could add sharing and tagging, move forward the “workgroup edition”, design a robust mobile version, improve the website and our communication plan.

We would also love to set up tools and provide tutoring for the small community of developers that gathered around the idea of a web application that knows nothing about its users and their data.

Thanks in advance for your generous support!
Marco Barulli and Giulio Cesare Solaroli

Dear Clipperz user,
there’s nothing more satisfying than creating something that people care about and use. I know this because, along with Giulio Cesare Solaroli, I’m the co-founder of Clipperz, the online password manager that knows nothing about you!

We got a lot of funny looks 5 years ago when we started talking to people about Clipperz. Let’s just say some people were skeptical of the notion of storing passwords and other sensitive information on the web. But we kept evangelizing the benefits of browser cryptography and the more general paradigm of zero-knowledge web apps, i.e. fully functional web apps that have no access to users’ data.

Five years later, nearly 50 thousand people created an account on Clipperz and about 5 thousand use it every single day! I thank every one of you who donated to keep Clipperz alive and well since 2006.
It was a tremendous help, and extremely generous, and I can’t thank you enough. However, the current flow of donations makes it difficult for us to further invest resources in the development of new features. Clipperz needs your help!
In the past we’ve relied entirely on the in-app donation reminder. Today we’re trying something new: we’re turning to those who have already donated or have made contact with us (directly or through to the Clipperz forum). For the first time ever, I’m writing to ask if you can help get our efforts off to a strong start.

[Can you make a donation of $50 or more to fund the work of Giulio and myself? Or a monthly recurring donation of 5$ or more?][new_start_donations]
Together, we can keep Clipperz free of charge for everyone. >
And together we can also keep it open.
As someone who’s using Clipperz, you know that the source code of Clipperz has been made available since its first day and you can even run a private instance of Clipperz on your own server by downloading our Community Edition. We adopted AGPL as our preferred open source license because we firmly believe that the world needs more “zero-knowledge web apps”.

If you value Clipperz as a useful and convenient tool to enhance your security, I hope you’ll choose to act right now.
Make your donation today!

Marco Barulli
Clipperz co-founder

If you are in contact with other Clipperz users, please spread the word and forward this message to them, thanks!
In keeping with the open spirit of Clipperz, we’re publishing a summary of all donations received.