New team member

April 28, 2015

We’re excited to announce a great addition to the Clipperz team: Dario Chiappetta. As an experienced software engineer, Dario will add more coding power to Clipperz. Looking forward to your commits! :)

Dario Chiappetta

New faster server

November 02, 2014

Starting from today, the main Clipperz server is located in Amsterdam. At the same time we are keeping a backup server in Reykjavík where data are mirrored.
Why this redundant setup? To get the best of both worlds: an hyperconnected data center on mainland Europe, combined with the protection offered by Icelandic legal system.

(Image from

Clipperz is hiring a developer

July 28, 2014

We are looking for a developer interested in working on the Clipperz UI and, most notably, to become a full-time employee and a relevant shareholder in the company.

Help wanted

Web crypto: moving forward

June 12, 2014

I really appreciated Tim Bray’s post “Trusting browser code”. His pragmatism resonated with me and Giulio Cesare. At Clipperz we’ve been dealing with the issue of secure Javascript code delivery since 2006, but this is still an open issue that is eventually attracting the attention of some bright minds.
This post is an effort to reaching out to the small community of people interested in web crypto in order to share ideas and perspectives.

Tim Bray
(Photo of Tim Bray from AndroidGuys)

clipperz.bit, living on the blockchain

April 08, 2014

Resiliency is a quality Clipperz has committed itself since its inception. Just think of the offline copy, the open source code, the relocation to Iceland, the OTPs, … all these feats came from the desire of building an [online password manager][home] capable to resist difficulties or quickly recover from them. An ongoing endeavour that still has the highest priority. Especially now that someone is clearly aiming to stop it.


Clipperz financials 2013

April 07, 2014

All things considered, 2013 was a decent year for Clipperz. We didn’t expect any revenues from paid subscribers, but we wished to be able to launch the paid service by the end of the year. We missed that deadline on purpose, because we didn’t feel comfortable asking for (crypto) money until we can provide a good mobile experience. And designing a good interface takes time, especially when usability is intertwined with security.

Clipperz financials are trustworthy!

Going bankless

March 12, 2014

A few weeks ago the bank Clipperz has been using for years informed us that they have unilaterally decided to terminate our bank account. Why? No reason given, at least on paper. Informally we’ve been told that they were troubled by our fraudulent wires story. (click the image below to download the complete letter in PDF)

Termination letter from Banca Etica