Freedom to import

December 18, 2007

You no longer have an excuse for keeping your passwords and sensitive data on that password-protected Excel file. It’s not convenient and it’s not safe!


When we say zero-knowledge we mean it!

August 17, 2007

A true zero-knowledge web application knows nothing about its users and their data. We have been fascinated by this simple idea since 2005 when we started this blog. Since then it became our obsession.


User authentication and online password managers

June 19, 2007

Authentication is an essential part of any web application. But why are web service providers so secretive about their authentication protocols and procedures? Why they are not disclosing any information about how users’ credentials are communicated, verified and stored?

login form

The money side of Clipperz

April 11, 2007

Recently we received several inquiries about our business model. How is Clipperz going to make money? From a security point of view this is a very sensible question to ask. The basic answer is: we really don’t know yet.

business model